Mayan Riviera Adventures - Introduction

The Mayan civilization once thrived in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This area is also well known as the Mayan Riviera or Cancun for tourists.
Discovering this place is like discovering paradise on earth. Its always so hot that you only need to wear a bathing suit all the time. But no worries, cause you can always refresh in the waters of the Caribbean Sea, or in natural underground pools of fresh water called "cenotes".

The jungle hides many mysteries, and among them, is the mystery of the Mayas. A civilization that once lived here and mysteriously dissapeared, like as if some dark force want it to keep it secret. Little bit of them is known since all documents were burned by the wrath of the Catholic church 500 years ago. Only a few important documents and carved hieroglyphics in the ancient cities in the jungle remain. Looking into this deep jungle to discover about the Mayas might turn into a journey of self discovery through the deep jungle of the ego, as we learn that the end of the world as we know it was predicted by the Mayas using the "Tzolkin" to happen on Gregorian date 2012 A.D.

The mystic Kukulcan Pyramid is more than a precise giant sun clock.

The observatory in the Chichen Itza site resembles very much like todays observatories.

Fresh water cenotes in the jungle are great for cooling off at Tankah.

Beautiful stalagmite formations at the cenote caves in Hidden Worlds.

Biking through the jungle to the ancient city of Coba.

We climbed up the Nohoch-Mul pyramid at Coba.

Flying trough the jungle on a zip line at Hidden Worlds.

Siesta time at the beach of the Grand Palladium Resort on the shore of the Caribbean Sea.

It was an amazing adventure full of adrenaline and mysticism in which I felt like Indiana Jones in search for the great enigma of the Mayan calendar . We visited the ancient cities of Chichen Itza and Coba deep in the jungle. We visited the Mayan village of Tankah and enjoyed a meal with the local people. We explored through the jungle to find secret cenotes at Hidden Worlds. We went snorkling in the Caribbean Sea and in underwater caves in the middle of the jungle. And went shopping to the touristic town of Playa del Carmen. All these while staying at the Grand Palladium Resort.

For more detailed information check out the other sections of this webblog and watch the slideshows. Thanks for watching.